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Lindsay Lohan's Oxycontin Addiction

Luffy | Thursday, December 14, 2006 | 1comments

The National Enquirer has an explosive story in this week's issue about Lindsay Lohan's alleged use of the dangerous drug Oxycontin.

That's the same drug that dear Jack Osbourne battled with years ago and was lucky enough to get help and overcome his addiction. The Enquirer reports someone in Lindsay's "entourage" has scooped the mag with the news of her Oxy addiction in effort to save her life. This friend is claiming she uses a combination of cocaine, Oxycontin and Grey Goose vodka to get her fix and The Enquirer says this person passed a polygraph test regarding Lindsay's drug use and his eyewitness account:

"I've known Lindsay for the past two years, and she absolutely loves to get wasted," said the friend. "She makes Courtney Love look like a Girl Scout!

"It's frightening. She'll take cocaine which pumps her up, then painkillers which numb her, and then smoke cigarettes one after another. And when she finally needs to sleep, she'll take Ambien to knock herself out."

It's not unusual for Lindsay to stay up for days when she goes on one of her benders, he says."And the longer she goes without sleep, the more paranoid she gets.

"There are times when Lindsay really thinks people want to kill her. But she refuses to miss a night of partying."

This friend also told The Enquirer that Lindsay likes to go to clubs with her gang, get her Grey Goose drink on, pass around a bottle of Oxy to the peeps and holler out, "It's Oxy time!" Huh. And I thought all she wanted to do was act? They said she also allegedly carries around a silver Tiffany flask filled with vodka and wears a little tiny sterling silver shovel charm around her neck so she can snort her coke whenever she wants.
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