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It's Big Sister as 11 female housemates enter Big Brother house

Luffy | Wednesday, May 30, 2007 | 0 comments
Big Brother 8 kicked off tonight with an all-girl house, complete with the reality show's first identical twins, a bi-sexual political protester and a Victoria Beckham wannabe.

The all-girl mob will have to wait until Friday for the first man to appear, Davina told viewers.

Bubbly blondes Sam and Amanda were the first to arrive.
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Twincredible: the bubbly, shrieking duo Amanda and Sam, with matching outfits and lollipops, were first to arrive at house

The 18 year-old twins describe themselves as "twincredible", model themselves on Barbie, and introduce themselves to boys with their own "Twin Song".

They have said they would happily share any man in the house as 'he'll never know the difference'.

As the car pulled up containing the pair, the crowd were already booing.

Wearing white tops, matching skirts and shoes, the twins - with different coloured garlands around their necks - clutched red and white lollipops as they entered the house.

Once inside, they promptly both got into the white bath - without water - in the living room before running around, still screeching.

They are joined by Posh Spice wannabe Chanelle, pink-haired raver Tracey and Tory student Emily.
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'Flirtatious and hot' Charley, cousin of Manchester United star Kieran Richardson, and posh Tory Emily

Emily, a 19-year-old performing arts student from Bristol, posed for photographers and later twirled in front of the crowd, before curtseying as she entered the house.

She described herself in her pre-recorded interview as a Tory voter, and gave herself 10 out of 10 for intelligence.

She described how she was reading from the age of two and had been involved in drama and theatre since she was five.

Former lap dancer Charley is the cousin of Manchester United star Kieran Richardson, who she tags along with to go bar-hopping around Manchester so she can meet 'hot footballers'.

Women's Institute member and former Cambridge don Lesley is the oldest ever housemate at 60.

Nicky started life in a Mother Teresa orphanage in Mumbai, India, before being adopted and moving to Watford.

She dismissed men as "nasty little creatures", saying she couldn't tolerate them at the moment, which is handy considering the house will initially be a man-free zone.
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Nicky, left, made a quiet entrance, while Shabnam was nervous - or so she said. Was that a ploy?

Carole is a life-long political protester and member of George Galloway's anti-war Respect Party. Carole said of her arrival in the house: "I am gonna shake it something rotten."

She blew kisses to the crowd to loud applause, and screamed as she entered the house. Meeting the twins, she said: "Oh, this is going to be fun."

The line-up is completed by receptionist Shabnam and a nanny called Laura - nicknamed "Wangers" because of her large breasts - and who dreams of owning a funeral parlour.

Laura, 23, from south Wales looked relaxed as as she emerged from her car dressed head to toe in black, topped off with a hot pink belt.
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Carole, a member of George Galloway's Respect Party, and Lara, who friends say is like Vicky Pollard

The housemates looked horrified as it slowly dawned that they had entered a man-free zone. But Big Brother is rumoured to be introducing a hunky male contestant on Friday.

Twins Sam and Amanda said before they went into the house: "If there's only one fit boy in the house we'll share him, definitely. He'll never know the difference!"

The housemates are competing for a £100,000 prize - and some of them are definitely playing to win.

Nicky promised to release her "inner bitch" while Emily's motto is: "I don't do losing. I win. Team Emily."

Next up was 60-year-old Lesley, who McCall said counts Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall as acquaintances.

Wearing a conservative white jacket and black trousers, she also received some boos from the crowd before going into the house.

The twins screeched again as the second housemate opened the door and introduced themselves.

One said: "Nice to meet you, we're twins", to which Lesley replied "No?!"

Charley, a 21-year-old from south London, was next. She said in her video: "I love money" before revealing she had been fired from every job she has ever had.

In denim hotpants and a low-cut pinstripe shirt, the self-proclaimed London "It Girl" was also booed as she walked through the crowds up the steps to the house.

McCall revealed she was taking 60 pairs of knickers into the house, as some members of the crowd already chanted: "Get her out."

The twins mobbed her as she entered the house and asked: "Have you seen the pinkness?" Charley said: "Twins, wow that's amazing."

Tracey, a 36-year-old cleaner from Cambridgeshire, described herself as a raver and said she would provide the "buzz" in the house.

She said: "I'm a raver, man - I'm a cheesy quaver. I buzz off anything and anyone. "I'm a nice person, I don't argue with people, so if they can't deal with me... unlucky Kentucky."
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Raver Tracey has collected carrier bags since she was 6, left, and Big Brother's oldest ever contestant, 60 year-old WI member Lesley

Dressed in a patchwork-style, brightly-coloured jacket and with pink hair, she grinned widely, swore and shouted "get in" to the crowd, who greeted her warmly.

Walking down the stairs into the house, she said: "Bye then world, see you in a bit." Looking around the house, she added: "It does look proper small, but I can deal with it."

The next girl to enter the house was Victoria Beckham wannabe, Chanelle.

The 19-year-old stepped out of her car and put down her small grey case before striking a pouty pose for the photographers.

Host McCall told viewers that Rebecca Loos - who claimed to have an affair with David Beckham - was one of the things that makes Chanelle "most angry".
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It's Victoria Beckham!...or is it BB housemate Chanelle who recently had her hair cut to look like her WAG idol

Quickly hurrying into the house to a muted response from the crowd, Chanelle stopped at the bottom of the stairs to check her hair before walking into greet her housemates.

She told them: "That was awful".

Davina McCall, wearing a black skirt and shiny leather jacket, kicked off the live launch show from Elstree studios in Borehamwood, Herts.

The 14-week series began with a televised apology over the Celebrity Big Brother race row.

Media watchdog Ofcom ordered Channel 4 to say sorry over its handling of the scandal, which prompted over 45,000 viewers to complain about the treatment of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty by Jade Goody, Danielle Lloyd and Jo O'Meara.

Channel 4 bosses will be hoping to avoid a similar scenario this series.

House rules have been updated to warn against bullying and to make clear that it is unacceptable to make offensive remarks on the grounds of race, religion or sexuality.

Moments before the programme started, Ofcom's summary of adjudication was broadcast detailing the channel's "significant failings" in relation to the race row on the celebrity show.

It said: "In January 2007, Ofcom received over 44,500 complaints mainly about potentially racist material. Ofcom has concluded that Channel 4 failed to handle appropriately the strong content it was transmitting.

"This resulted in breaches of the Ofcom broadcasting code which is designed to ensure that when broadcasters show potentially offensive material, they do so in a way which offers adequate protection to the viewer."

The broadcaster had breached the code three times, and again by repeating one of the "incidents" on its early morning show, the summary continued.

There was another "serious failure" in Channel 4's compliance processes which meant it was not aware of all the relevant activity in the house at what was described by the watchdog as a "particularly critical time".

It said: "This compounded its failure to ensure compliance with the code.

"These are significant failings. Ofcom has therefore imposed formal sanction on Channel 4 directing it to broadcast this statement.

"This ensures that the largest number of viewers will be made fully aware of the seriousness of Channel 4's failure to comply."

At the beginning of the opening show, McCall immediately scotched rumours that the series would feature a gay marriage and another that one of the housemates had gone missing.
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Davina in the Big Brother diary room - what tears and tantrums will we see this year?

She toured the house and garden, which allowed the housemates "nowhere to hide".

The housemates have been kept in hiding for the last two weeks before entering the Big Brother house tonight.

Bookmakers William Hill have already installed Carole as their 8/1 favourite to win, with Laura second favourite at 9/1 and Charley on the longest odds at 25/1.

Coral is offering odds of 4/6 that the winner has not yet entered the all-girl house.
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